Who Am I?

I’m a certified life coach, a Wellness Inventory coach and facilitator, and an NBC-HWC certified health and wellness coach. I use all these things to get you loving your life. 

I’m a seeker. A dreamer. A bored-inside-the-box cynic and an animated energy ball of optimism. Sometimes I stew in my own angst until I’ve figured out how to use it as fuel to get me what I need. Other times I sit in peaceful presence until I feel I could dissipate into the ether.

For a long time I only saw the contradiction in these qualities and thought I just didn’t have my true self figured out. Now I see that I need all these traits – and my many other traits – to balance me. Now I see that each one sharpens me in some way.

These things all also position me for the impact I want to have in the world. That is, I want to be part of a growing movement in which more people come to know themselves deeply, and seek lives that align with the sense of meaning they find in those depths. I want to be part of a conversation in which someone embraces all their traits, quirky or contradictory or plain old boring-but-true, and starts to make sense and meaning of it all.

I got an undergraduate degree psychology, but there was one word that came up in all my classes that scared me off the PhD path: cope. (I couldn’t cope with the word.) I didn’t want to spend my life helping people be ok. I want to see people blooming, thriving, reinventing. I want to see people falling in love with themselves. 

So, I’m a coach. An organize-your-life coach. A find-meaning-in-your-life coach. A take-back-control-of-your-life coach. A fall-in-love-with-your-life coach.

My Certifications

National Board Certified – Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach

Certified Life & Wellness Coach

Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator