It’s all about personal growth and loving yourself. Personal growth frees you from your old self, without having to throw it away.

It lets you discover what life you want, how to get it, how to love the actual path and process – not just the imagined future.

Loving yourself makes life delicious, juicy and joyful. It makes room for everything to fall into its right place. Life’s got endless possibilities, and loving yourself is the way to open them up. 

Here’s what you need to know about the way I work:

  • You hold the answers. My role in the relationship is to guide you toward them by being present, by listening, and by using the right questions to help you discover the truths inside you.
  • I support you in your growth. I am neither going to tell you how to be and what to do, nor judge your place or process.
  • The deeper places inside you are worth your attention. Sometimes you can dive right into them. Other times, you inch your way in. Either way, going there is the path to self-knowledge.
  • Self knowledge is where you become liberated. From expectations placed on you by yourself, others, as society as a whole. From mindsets that hold you back. From habits that hinder you.
  • Success is attainable. No matter how you define it. However, YOU have to define it based on your own inner truths and desires.
  • You can feel fulfilled and content. Most people have a feeling of wanting something more, or something else. The problem is that, they don’t know what that means. But you can. Whether you have to first figure it out, or already know what that “sometime more” is, it’s just a matter of steps.
  • Sometimes I learn things from my clients that I use in my own process. (We are all learning and growing.) That said, our sessions are regarded with the same standards for privacy and confidentiality as they would be in a medical setting.